About us

Denis Brnčič

Chief Executive Officer and Owner

Denis Brnčič is a licensed FIFA players’ agent /issued by Slovenian Football Association/ and works in sports business for fifteen years. He graduated at Faculty of Enterpreneurship at GEA College in Ljubljana with a final  theme Contractual relations in professional football. Through this period he was in charge of big number of transfers of Slovenian football players abroad . Network of his contacts is astonishing, and its spread all around the world. For many years he worked in entertainment industry, cooperated with big number of Slovenian and Croatian musicians, organize concerts, events promotions etc. He was in charge of the promotion of  the book Vatreni lakat written by famous Croatian player Aljoša Asanović. Worked for the biggest youth sports event in this part of Europe “Sportske igre mladih”. Cooperated with Croatia embassy and Croatian – Slovenian business club in promoting sport and tourism. As a sales manager in Telecom industry he participated at many conferences all around the world. He is highly skilled, educated and result driven professional, due to the positive mind-set, experience and know-how.

Matej Žgombić

Chief Commercial Officer

Matej Žgombić concluded Faculty of Economics, specialization Marketing at University of Ljubljana. He has been working  in Telecommunication Industry over 17 years, attended the Conferences all over the world and has significant experience in the business where he developed negotiation skills, day to day trading and other business activities. As an associate of the Agency he conducts negotiations for the players and does promotional works in sports tourism.

Goran Čurt

Head of scouting department

Goran Čurt is in charge of scouting. As a football player he played for NK Slovan, FC Črnuče, FC Ljubljana and FC Set Vevče in the  first and second division. Now he is coaching youngsters in FC Črnuče. He was also a great futsal player where he also played in Slovenian first and second division for FC Metropol and FC Kig Ig. His sence for finding talented players and his understanding of the essense of the game is astonishing. He conducted secondary business school in Ljubljana.

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